Welcome to Butterbear!

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Humble Beginnings

Butterbear is an inclusive brand that will keep you coming back for more!

The idea began with a list of "types of bears" from grizzly bear, to gummy bear, to space bear. For whatever reason, Butterbear stood out, and thus...I was born. Let me introduce myself. Hola! My name is Butterbear and my mission is to inspire creativity and love and reach as many people as possible. 

I'm so excited for YOU to be a part of my journey! Get to know me, and keep an eye out for the introduction of my friends! Tell everyone you know about me and follow me on Instagram @i.am.butterbear

Butterbear clothing is awesome with a cute bear to represent the brand! All of the clothes in the line are super comfortable and well designed. It is one of a kind and affordable!

Claire Abercrombie

I'm an elder senior, and can say I was able to easily navigate the website and check out. I love Butterbear and will be purchasing again!

Gail Parrish